International Teachers Training Course


A force multiplier, generations of students were trained, many of them became passionate honorary teachers like him. He introduced education pedagogy to Mallakhamb, encouraged research and designed ‘Teachers Training Courses’ for the rapid spread of expertise, from District to International Levels. One lamp has lit several others, assuring continuity in work. The details of International Courses are

First International Mallakhamb Teachers Training Course

Chief Coach of the 1st International Mallakhamb Teachers Training Course held in Munich, Germany, from September 2017 to September 2018. In all 12 German Coaches participated and successfully completed the course

First Two Months International Virtual Workshop of Preparatory Exercises for Mallakhamb

15th June to 14th August 2021 on behalf of Vishwa Mallakhamb Federation – Chief Conductor of the Workshop, held every Saturday for one hour. Mallakhamb Players, Coaches, Organizers from 14 countries – Australia, Malaysia, Netherlands, UK, Czech Republic, Singapore, Italy, Bahrain, USA, Nepal, Germany, France, Japan and India participated. This workshop gave an opportunity for continuation of Mallakhamb abroad during Covid 19 pandemic.