Mallakhamba is a traditional sport, originating from the Indian subcontinent, in which a gymnast performs aerial yoga or gymnastic postures and wrestling grips in concert with a vertical stationary or hanging wooden pole, cane, or rope.  The word “mallakhamb” also refers to the pole used in the sport. The pole is usually made from Sheesham (Indian rosewood) polished with castor oil. Three popular versions of mallakhamb are practised using a Sheesham pole, cane, or rope.

Benefits Of Mallakhamb

Exercises like the mallakhamb make the body lean and powerful. These exercises have been discovered to be helpful to attain efficiency in several different activities and sports including gymnastics and wrestling. They are especially effective for the stomach, back, arms, and thighs. The spinal cord is most significantly impacted by the Mallakhamb sport, which also promotes lifespan and activation of all the body’s large and minor organs.

Mallakhamb Guru

Uday Deshpande, Mallakhamb Guru, is a man on a mission.  Passionate about his belief in ‘Samartha Bharat, Sashakt Bharat’ and a healthy Globe ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’, he introduced Mallakhamb, the traditional Indian physical practice to millions around the world.

Mr. Uday Deshpande Bestowed with Prestigious Padma Shri Award!

We are thrilled to announce that our esteemed founder, Mr. Uday Deshpande, has been conferred with the prestigious Padma Shri award, one of India’s highest civilian honors! This esteemed recognition acknowledges his remarkable contributions to Mallakhamb.

Impact of the work

Uday Deshpande introduced the magic of Mallakhamb, the health and fitness benefits of traditional Indian physical practice to millions around the world.

Gift of Mallakhamb

Mallakhamb once upon a time tagged as the ‘game of the poor’ is now promoted by many States, Government of India and has reached international acclaim.

Training the trainers

He trained several teachers, who reached several others simultaneously, speeding up the process of health gains. This ensured continuity in honorary service to the society.

Breaking Barriers

He conducted several Mallakhamb demonstrations with workshops, describing its health benefits, breaking barriers of urban-rural, normal-challenged, young-old, and bringing everyone together on the exercise ground.

Community Outreach

Mallakhamb workshops across India for marginalized Adivasis and Vanvasis gave them good health and a sense of achievement. Today, Uday Deshpande is the chief coach of JSW Projects and trains teachers from 50 tribal schools.

Immeasurable Contribution

The number of Mallakhamb Centres grew from a few to thousands in 50 years in all Districts in Maharashtra and States in India. Crossing the borders, Mallakhamb has reached to 6 continents, 48 countries, and 5000 foreign nationals.

Reaching Unreached

He took Mallakhamb to the doorstep of orphans, delinquents, differently-abled, and visually challenged, enriching their quality of life. Aggression was channelized. The courage, confidence, and improved self-esteem, helped several such students scale the heights of success.

Social Commitment

Thousands of students, their parents, elderly got an opportunity to climb, swing, suspend…., the movements generally denied by the modern environment, yet enjoyed. Exercising the spine around Mallakhamb, the key to health promoted a healthy lifestyle, and improved community health.

Gender Equality

He brought women into exercise ethos. Introduced Pole Mallakhamb for girls. In a society where males are exclusively privileged to experience outdoor play, female participation in Mallakhamb increased. Entire families came to the exercise culture improving strength, stamina and attention. He promoted Gender Equality

National Pride

Western exercise systems with expensive equipment and large space, were considered to be the best form of workout. Uday Deshpande highlighted the benefits of exercising on one pole/rope. He took rich Indian physical culture traditions to the youth and developed a sense of national pride in them.


Education pedagogy

He created a body of knowledge through extensive writing, translated into several Indian and foreign languages. He encouraged research and designed Teachers’ Training Courses for the rapid spread of expertise. His meticulous documentation has created a body of knowledge ensuring it will be available for posterity.

Remarkable Presence of Mallakhamb Since More Than A Decade



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Player Testimonials


Uday Sir is an exceptional Mallakhamb teacher! His dedication and expertise in this ancient Indian art form are truly commendable. I have had the privilege of being his student for several months now, and I can confidently say that his teaching style is second to none. Uday Sir’s patience, attention to detail, and passion for Mallakhamb shine through in every lesson. He goes above and beyond to ensure that his students not only grasp the fundamentals but also develop a deep appreciation for the art. I couldn’t have asked for a better Mallakhamb instructor, and I highly recommend Uday Sir to anyone looking to explore this unique and challenging discipline


I consider myself fortunate to have found Uday Sir as my Mallakhamb instructor. His extensive knowledge and experience in Mallakhamb are truly remarkable. Uday Sir’s teaching method is structured, yet flexible enough to accommodate students of all skill levels. He takes the time to explain the intricate details of each posture and maneuver, ensuring that his students have a strong foundation. What sets him apart is his unwavering support and encouragement throughout the learning process. Uday Sir’s passion for Mallakhamb is contagious, and under his guidance, I have seen significant improvement in my skills. I wholeheartedly endorse Uday Sir as an outstanding Mallakhamb teacher.