National Level Work

Travelling to almost every District in Maharashtra and almost every State in India, Mallakhamb Workshops were conducted, Mallakhamb Training Centers were rejuvenated, and assistance was provided to establish new Mallakhamb Centers.

Mallakhamb Camps conducted in various States outside Mumbai

Sr District, State Sr District, State
1 Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, 5/80 2 Sondur, Karnataka, 7/84
3 Sondur, Karnataka, 9/84 4 Rajmachi, Maharashtra, 10/84
5 Chiplun, Maharashtra, 10/84 6 Vijayawada, A. P., 11/84
7 Bantwal, Karnataka, 1/85 8 Sondur, Karnataka, 1/85
9 Sawant Wadi, Maharashtra, 5/85 10 Sinhagad, Maharashtra, 12/85
11 Bellary, Karnataka, 5/85 12 Chiplun, Maharashtra, 11/85
13 Jhansi, UP, 10/85 14 Thane, Maharashtra, 2/86
15 Chinchani, Maharashtra, 11/86 16 Chiplun, Maharashtra, 11/87
17 Pen, Maharashtra, 11/87 18 Sondur, Karnataka, 11/87
19 Sadhana shibir, Ganpatipule 1/88 20 Ahmadabad, Gujarat, 1/88


Mallakhamb Training to Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)

  • Appointed as Mallakhamb Coach by CISF to train their Jawans in Mallakhamb & to give a Mallakhamb demonstration in front of the Honorable Dy. Prime Minister, Shree Lal Krishna Advani at their Rising Day Parade in 99, at Ghaziabad, U.P.
  • Conducted Mallakhamb Coaching Camps for Commandos of STF, Chhattisgarh 2017

Mallakhamb Coaching to Adults

  • Added a new perspective in the coaching of Mallakhamb, by introducing Mallakhamb Coaching for adults, for the first time in India and abroad in early 00s. Mallakhamb, always popular as a competitive sport was perceived to be a children sport. Bursting this myth, he started special Free Mallakhamb Classes for adults daily between 7 to 8 A movement for ‘Mallakhamb for health’ got initiated, due to this.
  • Males and Females, ranging from the age group of 20 to 85 yrs., are trained on Pole and Rope Mallakhamb. These adults come from variety of professions- Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Actors, Homemakers, Sportsmen and performing artists to name a few.
  • Those adults who cannot come in the specified time are also given Mallakhamb Coaching with prior appointment. Till date more than 1000 adults have taken and some are still regularly taking advantage of this unique facility.
  • Shree Shantilal Sanghavi ji, started learning Mallakhamb at the age of 82 and performed a demonstration at the age of 89 years, in the first Mallakhamb World Championships held in Mumbai in 2019.

Mallakhamb Coaching to students learning Theatre Art

  • Faculty for Mallakhamb Coaching at the Academy of Theatre Arts, Department of Theatre Arts, University of Mumbai, at Kalina, Santacruz, Mumbai since its inception by Dr. Waman Kendre, in 2004.
  • Faculty for Mallakhamb Coaching at the National School of Drama, Delhi

Other Competitive Mallakhamb Coaching

  • Worked as Coach of the University of Mumbai, in every All India Inter University Championships conducted by different universities, from 82 till today. Almost all these years, players from the University of Mumbai have won both the Team and Individual Championship.
  • In the first National Women’s Mallakhamb Championships, held at Baroda, in 85, was the Coach of the three Women’s teams, from Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat, which secured the first three places in the competitation.


Conducted Mallakhamb demonstrations, with all its varieties, – Rope Mallakhamb, Pole Mallakhamb, Bottle Mallakhamb, Hanging Mallakhamb, Weapon Mallakhamb and Mallakhamb holding torches in hands, all over India in order to propagate & popularize Mallakhamb.