How it started

Began by instructing young children at Shree Samartha Vyayam Mandir, Dadar, a sports institution dedicated to 96 years of relentless commitment to sports. Conducted thousands of Mallakhamb demonstrations across India, from local streets to the national capital (Galli to Delhi), expanding the reach of this traditional sport to every corner of the country.

How it is going

India is showcasing its strength and vitality through Mallakhamb, both as a performing art and competitive sport, with demonstrations worldwide. It’s an endeavour to develop Mallakhamb into a multi-faceted sport and promote a strong and healthy India.

Various Age Groups

Introducing Mallakhamb to Indians

Uday ji took a pioneering step to make Mallakhamb accessible to diverse groups. He broke gender barriers, introducing Mallakhamb for females and children, including those with special needs and in tribal settings. This inclusive approach extended to both males and females, jawans, commandos, and even adults and senior citizens, fostering a broader participation in this traditional pole sport.

Empowering the Specially-Abled Groups

Uday Ji’s initiatives in India have empowered specially-abled groups, including visually challenged individuals, intellectually challenged orphans, and hearing-impaired children with delinquency, enabling them to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.

Mallakhamb to Elites and Artists

Mallakhamb has captivated elites, artists, dancers, actors, performers, celebrities, and circus artists. Its unique blend of strength and artistry has found a special place in the hearts of these diverse talents.

Introduction in Competitions

For the first time, Mallakhamb competitions have taken centre stage on the podium with world-class international facilities, marking a significant milestone in the global recognition and growth of this traditional Indian sport.

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