• Requirements

    1. The Demonstration consists of Sooryanamaskar; a traditional salutation to the Sun, Yogasanas – Individual performance, Pyramids & Jaladeepasana, Mallakhamb and it’s various forms such as Bottle Mallakhamb, Flame Mallakhamb, Weapon Mallakhamb, and Rope Mallakhamb etc.
    2. The duration of the show varies according to the requirements – from a brief demonstration of 5 minutes to full fledge demonstration of one & half hrs. The number of students will also vary from 2 boys and 2 girls to 15 boys and 15 girls, with 1 coach and 1 lady manager. This number depends upon the duration of the performance and the financial structure.
    3. The demonstration can be performed indoors or outdoors.
    4. The team will carry almost all the equipments needed for the demonstration.
    5. The organizers are expected to provide for to & fro journey arrangements either by flight, train or by bus depending upon the circumstances, the transportation charges for Mallakhamb and other accessories, lodging and boarding facilities of the troupe & a voluntary donation to the Institution as a token of appreciation, which is not obligatory.
    6. Along with an opportunity to perform, we would be happier to conduct a workshop on Mallakhamb & impart training in the basics of Mallakhamb to the school & college going interested children as well as to adults, after the display.
    7. The demonstration arena requirements are,
      • A mattress of about 12’x10’ for the performance of Yogasanas.
      • A frame/ any arrangement on the ceiling where a rope can be hung. Ideally the height of the frame is about 6 meters and the distance between the 2 poles of the frame is 4 meters. Minimum height of 3 meters is required to perform the demonstration of Rope Mallakhamb. The frame/ceiling support should be able to bear the weight of at least 100 kgs.
      • A photograph folder that gives a glimpse of the demonstration is attached.
  • Major Mallakhamb Demonstrations

    • Demonstrations Outside India:

    • Japan 1997
      France 1998
      UK 1998
      USA 1999
      Re Union Island 2002
      Dubai 2003
      Mauritius 2003
      Malaysia 2004
      Spain 2004
      Germany 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
      Singapore 2006, 2007
      USA 2007
      Czech Republic 2007

    • Major Demonstrations outside Mumbai since 2004:

    • Bal Mahotsav, Pune.23.5.04
      SIC, Pune. 25.5.04
      Sarthi, New Delhi. 24.11.04
      Aman Mela, Jalandhar.25.11.04
      Guru Angad Dev College, Amritsar. 18.12.04
      Adobe Acrobats Inauguration, New Delhi. 28.1.05
      Kalinga Festival, Orissa.4.2.05
      Prajapita Brahmakumari, Mt. Abu 03.06.05
      International Yoga Competition, Coimbattore. 10.7.05
      Brain Tonic Inauguration, Nasik. 14.11.05
      Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhan Kendra, Banglore 6.12.05
      Kundeshwar, Lonavala. 31.12.05
      Tamilnadu Mallakhamb Festival, Chennai. 14.4.06
      National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune. 15.8.06
      International Vegetarian Congress, Goa.14.9.06
      Isha Festival, Coimbattore. 24.09.06
      Jimmy Carter Habitat Project, Lonavala. 31.10.06
      Shakatpuram, Karnataka 07.04.07
      150th Anniversary of 1857- 1st Struggle for freedom, New Delhi. 11.5.07
      ‘Just for Health’ Naturopathy Institute Anniversary, Lonavala, 01.11.07
      National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune, 08.12.07
      Nisarga Trust, Sirsi, 13.1.08
      Yoga Gyanpeeth Foundation, Pune 16-17.2.08
      Central Council For Research in Yoga & Naturopathy, Amritsar 14-19.3.08
      Indo- Africa partnership Forum, Delhi 6-7.4.08
      Shree Ganesh Mandir Sansthan, Dombivali 5.4.08
      IACMAG Conference, Goa 4.10.08
    • Few Major Demonstrations in Mumbai:

    • Breach Candy Club, Breach Candy 14 Nov. 2004.
      Mumbai Festival, Gateway of India 14 Jan. 2006.
      Rajbhavan Demonstration, Walkeshwar 01 May 2006.
      Shri Hariharputra Bhajan Samaj, Shankaralayam, Chembur 07 May 2006.
      Performing arts, Yashwantrao Sabhaghriha, Mahim 02 Nov 2006.
      Indradhnushya, Patkar College, Goregaon 07 Nov.2006.
      Udan, Kalidas, Mulund 17 Jan. 2007.
      Mumbai Festival, Bandra 18 Jan. 2007.
      American School, Bandra Kurla Complex 28 Mar 2007.
      Federation Trophy Kabaddi, Dadar 06 May 2007.
      Navy, Gate Way of India 28 May 2007.
      East West Cultural Association, Vanita Samaj. 29 July 2007.
      N.M. College, Umang Festival, Juhu. 17 Aug. 2007.
      BARC demonstration, Chembur 30 Oct. 2007.
      National Schools Cricket inauguration, Marine lines 19 Nov. 2007.
      Inter IIT Sports Festival, Powai 15 Dec. 2008.
      Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kanjur Marg 01 Jan. 2008.
      The Magic Unicorn, Girgaon Beach 22 Feb.2008.
      Indian National Bank Employee Association, Churchgate 12 Apr.2008.
      Consulate General of Brazil, Dhobitalao 24 July 2008.
      Gold Gym, Kandivali Unit inauguration 30 Sept 2008.
      Poland Guests Visit, Shivaji Park. 05 Oct 2008.
      Don Basco Shelter, Wadala 09 Oct 2008.
    • Few Major Demonstrations of Blind Students:

    • TCS Maitree, Grand Hyatt, Juhu 23 Feb 2005.
      Reliance, Blue Sea, Worli (Guest: Amitabh Bachchan) 10 Mar 2005.
      Smile Organization, Mayor’s Bungalow, Shivaji Park 22 Apr 2006.
      Anam Prem, Shivaji Mandir, Dadar 19 Apr 2007.
      Udan demonstration, Mumbai 27 Aug 2007.
      Hotel Oberoi demonstration, Nariman Point 04 Sept 2007.
      National Handicap Day, Vileparle 03 Dec 2007.
      National Conference, VJTI 20 Dec 2007.
      Iskon demonstration 20 Apr 2008.
      Udan demonstration, Vileparle 17 May 2008.
      Udan demonstration, Ghatkopar 11 Aug 2008.
      Victoria Boys demonstration, Vileparle 26 Aug 2008.
      Udan demonstration, Mulund 16 Sept 2008.