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Sun, which considered as the God of power and energy, is worshipped by performing Suryanamaskar -- SUN SALUTATIONS. It is an active healing method, catering for all the criteria of health and fitness, along with the mind and the spirit. It is suitable for both the sexes and for all the agegroups. Hence with the advancement of the age, the exercise need not be changed. Sooryanamaskar is very easy to learn. It requires very little space and doesn't require any additional (and costly) equipment, can be carried out either indoor or outdoor as per individual's choice & circumstances. It is an all season exercise. It can be done singly or in groups. Sooryanamaskar is an aerobic exercise, which keeps the muscles flexible and it tones up all the internal systems.

The 12 Names of Soorya, which are chanted along with 12 mantras, while performing Sooryanamaskar. They are as follows:

  1. Om Rhaa-m Mitraay Namah: Mitraay = Friend of the Universe.
  2. Om Rhee-m Ravaye Namah: Ravaye = Sung by all, Respected by all.
  3. Om Rhoo-m Sooryaay Namah: Sooryay = Father of all and Chief motive power.
  4. Om Rhai-m Bhanave Namah: Bhanave = Shining, Beautiful.
  5. Om Rhou-m Khagaay Namah: Khagaay = Traveler in the sky, Giver of knowledge.
  6. Om Rha-h Pooshne Namah: Pooshne = Supporter of all.
  7. Om Rhaa-m Hiranyagarbhaay Namah: Hiranyagarbhaay = Full of Spirit and energy, He who increase strength and life energy.
  8. Om Rhee-m Mareechaye Namah: Mareechaye = Destroyer of diseases.
  9. Om Rhoo-m Aadityaay Namah: Aadityaay = Attraction of all, Lover of freedom.
  10. Om Rhai-m Savitre Namah: Savitre = The Creator.
  11. Om Rhau-m Arkaay Namah: Arkaay = Revered.
  12. Om Rha-h Bhaaskaraay Namah: Bhaaskaraay = Shining.