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One unique competitive & demonstrative variety of Mallakhamb is the Mallakhamb Pyramid. Itís a collective performance on Mallakhamb done by about four to twenty performers. A perfect example of cooperation & coordination amongst the players, it also reflects the creativity and the harmony of the performers.

BENEFITS: Today Mallakhamb has emerged as a systematic, scientific and the most ideal mode of physical exercise. It gives perfect shape, form and strength to each and every muscle and remarkable control over the limbs of the body. From the tip of the finger to the tip of the toes every part is exercise. Due to the continuous turning and twisting of the body around the pole, the whole body gets automatically massaged. Each and every cell in the body is rejuvenated. Not only the external muscles like biceps and triceps are developed but the efficiency of the internal systems like respiratory, circulatory, digestive etc. is also increased. When Yogasanas are performed on the Mallakhamb breathing control is also increased and the spiritual faculties of the mind are also developed. The retentive capacity of memory and creative, constructive, thinking power of the individual is stimulated and better concentration is attained. The balancing, hanging and other acrobatic feats broaden and develop the chest and shoulder blades The body is toned and the respiratory capacity is improved. The various bends in all the directions help to accomplish healthy functioning of kidneys, spleen, pancreas and other internal organs. Thus rolling, turning, bending, climbing and several other types of movements bestow treasure of health, vigour, vitality and a perfect, elegant and graceful body. Unlike several sports, the player is calm and tranquil while performing these exercise and the minds gets purified. Scientific study conducted on Mallakhamb at Cologne University, Germany has also concluded that Mallakhamb is the only sport that gives the best possible exercise to the whole body in minimum possible time.