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Niradhar Mallakhamb or Mallakhamb without any support

This is the very unique type of apparatus, which is usually slanting, stands freely on its base, & a performer has to perform it by keeping the Mallakhamb BALANCED along with Performer. Here we see Late Vyayampatu Purshuram Vithoba Bane Guruji performing Nirradhar Mallakhamb in his 70s.

P.V.Bane Guruji, a veteren expert Mallakhamb practisioner from Pune, was an inspiration for many including Shree Uday V. Deshpande. Even in his 70s, he was an ideal performer on different varieties of Mallakhamb, Nirradhar Mallakhamb being his speciality. Mr. Nikita Khruschev, the then President of Russia, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India and many global dignitories were impressed by his Mallakhamb expertise.