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Foreign Nationals

Mr. Cohdi Harrell, a Circus Artist from Wisefool Studio of New Mexico, USA, came to learn Mallakhamb first in 2006. He writes about his experience... "it has been such a gift to spend the last month learning Mallakhamb from you. You are truly masters of your art, and I bow to you. Yours is an Institution for personal development of both sport & of self. The students who attend to your programs are strong, bold, disciplined, courageous and respectful. All of which qualities are essential for going out into the world and succeeding in whatever focus they so decide to pursue...". His performance on the Rope with background vocal recitation of Indian Classical Music by Mrs. Sukhada Uday Deshpande at the Annual Sports Festival of Shree Samartha Vyayam Mandir on 4th March 2006.